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 Class Guide

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PostSubject: Class Guide   Fri May 09, 2008 6:32 pm

Swordsman - A user of swords
Cook - The cook for the crew, providing meals.
Navigator - Needed to sail from North Blue to South Blue and East Blue to West Blue. Also in reverse.
Assassin - Used as a sneak kill for the crew. like a niiinjaaaa. lol.
Sharpshooter - A sharpshooter for using Guns, Slightshots, etc. precistion expert+cannon aiming expert.
Shipwright - the fixer of the ship when it is broken.
Historian/Archaeologist - One incharge of history and teller of the history on each island.
Captain - always with this job put cook/captain, swordsman/captain, etc. Showing that you are the captain and can do another job. or if you put something like cook/captain and you want to join another crew, you are the first choice, meaning cook. captain orders the rest of the crew, and is in charge of their well being and such.
Doctor - The one in charge of healing the crew when injured or curing the crew when it is sick.
Musician - Every crew needs entertainment right?
Dancer - Do i even need to explain? you dance to the musician's music or just to please the crew.
Scout - To check the island before disembarking.
Powder Monkey - The one in charge of gunpowder and other dangerous stuff. All the rest of the crew are too important to blow up. you on the other hand are another story.
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Class Guide
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